Voted tourist spots of Miyakojima

1.      German Culture Village Ueno

1 Ueno German Culture Village is a kind of playground which is equiped with various facilities such as theme park “Kinderhaus” a place for children to experience fairy tales of Brothers Grimm, pieces of Berlin Wall and many German toys. The village is aimed to combine German Culture with the significant beauty of Miyako Island.

  1. The Ikema-bridge

2 The Ikema-bridge connects the islands of Miyako and Ikema. It is said to be the very long and expensive bridge in Japan.

3. Traditional Crafts Research Center This research center shows and studies the history as well as the produce of Miyako-Jofu - a traditional cloth of highest quality on Miyakojima. Moreover, coming here, visitors would about the important part of Miyakojima culture.


4.      Shimajiri Mangroves

4 Developed in an area without any rivers, Miyakojima’s Mangroves is a unique occurence and attracts great interest of scienctists.

5.      Higashi Henna Promontory

Higashi Henna Promontory offers tourists 360 degree views of the coral reef. Coming to this promontary, visitors can see schools of tropical fish swimming among the plant and coral life. On the top of the promontary, there are blankets of flowers blooming different colours seasonlly.

6.      Kurima-bridge

Kurima bridge is known as the longest farm road bridge in Japan. However, what makes the bridge special is not the distance but the spectacular views to be had while going through it.


7.      Miyakojima Awamori-brewery Awamori (rice liquor) is the signature alcoholic beverage of Okinawa and most of the Ryukyu Islands. Come to Miyakojima, you will have chance to visit the local Awamori brewery which helps you know the process making Awamori.

8.      Yamatoga Well Coming to this well, visitors not only can see the old mysterious well but also know about the history of it which is rumored to be very interesting.


9.      Hirara City Tropical Plant Garden This tropical garden is full of beautiful trees and flowers in which the famous on is a kind of flower called “Deigo Flower”.

10.  Miyako Paradise


Tropical butterflies can be seen fluttering around the garden. Moreover, there are over 200 species of tropical plants here and a large collection of herbs in a special herb garden.