Visit top attractions in Sakai

Located in Osaka Prefecture, Sakai is known to be the largest and most important coastle city in Japan. There are many historical and beautiful places to visit here. Below is the list of 10 places which are voted as top tourist attractions in Sakai: 1.        Nintoku-ryo Tumulus Nintoku-ryo Tumulus is the largest tomb in the series of three tomb in Kofun Tumulus.   2.        Kurohime-yama Tumulus Kurohime-yama Tumulus is a tomb which offers very nice views. Come here, visitors not only could learn about the history but also see the peaceful scenery. 3.        Sakai City Cultural Hall The Sakai City Cultural Hall opened in 2000. It provides wide range of facilities offering people in Sakai chance to enjoy artwork and exhibit their own great works. sakai_p01 4.        Daisen Park This park has filled with various tree species, ponds and playgrounds. It is known to be the great destination for those who seek rest and relaxation.   5.        Myokokuji Temple Myokokuji Temple was built in 1562. There is a very interesting story about this temple. Come to this temple, tourists could learn about not only history but also an interesting legend.   6.        Yamaguchi Residence The Yamaguchi residence is said to have been built in 1615. Come to this place, visitors would have chance to see architecture in the early Edo period.   7.        Mihara History Museum Come to The Sakai City Mihara Museum of History visitors can not only experience the culture and artwork but also learn more about craft.   8.        Japanese Garden Come to Japanese Garden in Sakai, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery with the good organization of ponds, trees, and houses. gd 9.        Hodoji Temple This ancient temple was established in 670. It has a impressive architecture and gorgeous scenery around. Visit this temple, tourist would enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.   10.    Old Sakai Lighthouse This lighthouse is said to be the symbol of Sakai. Come to this place, visitor can learn about the special structure of this light house and see the overview of Sakai’s coastline. Visiting the above places in Sakai, you could broaden your mind with knowledge of history and flower. This could be very informative and funny trip that you’ve ever had.