Uruma City – Nurtured By Nature And Cultural Assets

Uruma city located on the central eastern coast of Okinawa was established on On 1 April 2005. The newly established city is a pleasant metropolis, richly nurtured by both nature and traditional culture.There are many beautiful and impressive places here. Below is the list of 5 places voted as top tourist attractions in Uruma.

  1. Katsuren Castle 1 The Katsuren Castle Ruins sit on a steep hill close to the coast and offer attractive views over the landscape below. Just a few stone walls and foundations remain of the former castle. The site is included as one of the UNESCO World Heritage designated Castles of the Ryukyu Kingdom.
  2. Hamahiga Island 2 What makes this tiny island s   pecial is this sacred cave built for Amamichu and Shirumichu which are considered to be the first Ryukyu Gods. It would be perfectly nice for a day to walk through the island as what you’ll see here is untouched nature including the beautiful beach.
  3. Odomari Beach 3 This is a beach in Ikei island connected by the submarine road with Yokatsu peninsula. Outstanding transparency of the ocean makes it a popular diving point.
  4. Yakena Straits Observatory 4       Between the Katsuren Peninsula and Yabuchi Island lies the Yakena Straits. There is a viewing platform, called the Yakena Straits Observatory, at the top of the ridge line. There you can see small fishing boats coming in and out from sea. You also have a good view of Kinbu Bay, Kaichu-dori Bridge, and outward towards the Philippine Sea.
  5. Agena Castle Ruins 5 The Agena Castle Ruins are the remains of a 14th century gusuku style Ryukyuan castle that today is a part of Agena Central Park in Uruma City in central Okinawa. The once great castle consists of several limestone walls with a few modern day improvements like walkways, benches and shrines. The site is open free of charge to the public 24 hours a day.

Coming to these above places, you can enjoy great days with different funny activities. Moreover, you would know the city more as well as richen your travel experience.