Travel in DUBAI tips

If you have planned to travel to Dubai, take this article into consideration before going to Dubai. Here is a list of what not to do in Dubai.

First, you are not allowed to drink and be drunk in public in Dubai. The best is that you drink in a hotel. Also, only when 21 years old, can you drink.

Second, it is surprised that showing affection in public such as kissing, holding hands or get cozy can make you arrest and imprisonment.

Third, homosexual acts are considered to be illegal and it can be punished severely. On the other hand, if you have sex with the other half without marriage. It is also illegal and can lead to severe criminal sanctions.

Then, in the UAE, they set the rule that swearing and making the rude gestures, such as the middle finger is illegal so it deserves for criminal acts.


In addition, you should not wear swimsuits outside the beach and swimsuits should be modest. Being nude in the beach is illegal.

Besides, when you want to smoke, do not light up in a shopping mall, government building or shop because you must be fined. Regarding to woman’s clothing, it should not be tight, transparent, above the knee and show her stomach, shoulders or back.


About men, he should wear T-shirts at all times. Do not wear short shorts because it can attract the wrong kind of attention. In conversation, it is illegal to say “harass” women. It means that this is the unwanted conversation and prolonged stares or eye contact. If you want to take photographs of people, particularly women, remember to ask for permission. Otherwise, you can arrest or fine.

Finally, during Ramadan, it is very impolite if non-Muslims eat and drink or smoke in public in front of Muslims between sunrise and sunset.

That’s all. Hope that you can enjoin a trip to Dubai and have a great time.