Tourist spots in Urasoe

With many impressive spots, Urasoe brings tourists a unforgetable trip with amazing discoveries. Urasoe is a city located in Okinawa Prefecture. This is a beautiful city with many historical places. Here is the list of 5 places which are voted as top tourist attractions:
  1. Okinawa National Theatre
1 The Okinawa National Theatre was built as a place to preserve and promote Okinawa’s traditional performing arts. Taking advantage of its geographic location, the theatre also serves as a platform for traditional cultural exchanges with other Asian-Pacific countries.
  1. Urasoe Yodore Royal Mausoleum
The mausoleum is located within Urasoe Castle ruins, to the north. King Eiso (1260-1299) and Sho Nei (1587-1620) are both entombed there. Built into a natural cavern, it is thought that this mausoleum became the prototype of Okinawan tomb design. The miniature stone shrine inside the tomb and a sculpture of a crane and turtle have been designated as important cultural assets. They are examples of old-style Okinawan art and a reminder of the colorful influence of Buddhist culture. 2 3. Urasoe Art Museum 3 Urasoe Art Museum is place where you can watch a lot of beautiful Ryukyu lacquer ware. The permanent exhibition room introduces you mainly Ryukyu lacquers, which Ryukyu Dynasty culture can be proud of, and Asian lacquer art work, Ryukyu history and culture, interaction with neighboring countries, fascination of lacquer art work itself and much more. 4. Minatogawa Stateside Town 4 Minatogawa Stateside Town used to be a housing area for US military members but after the land was returned to Okinawa, the houses were given a new lease of life. Each former house, lined along streets taking after names of American states, has been converted into a café or store and even a home or an office.Each tenant took creative liberties in turning the house to fit their business needs. 5. Urasoe Sports Park 5 Urasoe Sports Park is place which sport events and summer festival are held. City stadium placed inside the facility is know as the spring camp for Professional baseball team Yakult Swallows. Gymnasium for Okiten expo, athletic stadium, budokan, multi use indoor field, and athletic space are placed. Visiting the above tourist attractions in Urasoe, you could know clearly the characteristics of this city.