Tourist destinations of Suita City

Despite lack of nature beauty, Suita still attracts tourists with many beautiful and informative man-made architectures. Suita is a city located in northern Osaka Prefecture, Japan. There ara many interesting things to see and do in here. Below is the list of 10 places voted as top tourist attractions in Suita:
  1. National Museum of Ethnology
1 The National Museum of Ethnology is the larrgest research institute in Japan. Its collections mainly focus on film, pictures, sound recording and things about various aspects of everyday life such as food, craft, etc.
  1. Expo ‘70 commemorative Park
2 This park was built in 1970 on the event of Japan World Exhibition. It includes various facilities such as Japanese garden, museums, amusement parks. Come to this park, visitors surely experience many funny activities and have unforgetable moment..
  1. Asahi Brewery Suita
3 Asahi is the biggest and most famous beer producers in Japan, producing many kind of beer which are consumed all over the world.
  1. The Former Nishio Family House
4 Former Nishio Family House is a house of Sento Goryo Village headman which mostly used for tea ceremony.
  1. Osaka Expo '70 Stadium
5 Osaka Expo '70 Stadium is an famous stadium in Suita. There are a lot of sport events occured here.
  1. Hamayashiki6Hamayashiki is the name of an old manse in Suita. There are wide range of events and meetings are held here. Most of visitors is from the surrounding local areas and also from overseas.
  2. Japan Folk Crafts Museum
7 Japan Folk Crafts Museum exhibits alot of craft works both in new and old status and from many countries.
  1. Kansai University Museum
8 Kansai University Museum exhibits many items which consists of things related to history, folk and some of them considered as important cultural property.
  1. GokurakyuuGokurakuyu is a bathing center whic provides a lot of convinient facilities such as restaurant, massage and haircut..
  2. Banpaku Oyuba
This is a very famous hot spring in Suita with various facilities such as restaurant, massage service and so on. 10 You should not miss these above places when coming to Suita. These would make your trip great and unforgetable.