Top 4 Caribbean Beaches

Eagle Beach, Aruba 1 Eagle Beach in Aruba is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island with its wide swath of powdery sand and gentle surf perfect for swimming. It is famous for its pristine and soft white sands, picture-perfect weather year-round but is a bit quieter than some beaches. In addition, Eagle Beach still free to the public like all of Aruba’s beaches. During weekends Aruba beach tennis fanatics play their tennis games in the powdery white sands of Eagle Beach. It’s great fun to watch and participate in this popular local sport.
Shoal Bay, Anguilla 2 Once a secret hideaway, Anguilla has come into its own as a Caribbean hot spot for Hollywood starlets and honeymooners alike. Anguilla has filled with beautiful beaches, posh resorts and overall laid-back charm. There are 33 beaches on thiss 16-mile stretch of island and the best part is opened to the public. Shoal Bay is among the most popular with 2 miles of pearly-white sand on the Atlantic side. It has a covenient equipment rental for visitors.
Trunk Bay, ST.John 3 Beautiful waters and wonderful white sand has made picturesque Trunk Bay one of the most popular beaches on St. John. Six hundred and fifty (650) feet of underwater trails are a highlight for Trunk Bay's visitors, it is definitely worth a visit. Trunk Bay is part of the National Park and is the only beach on St. John that has an admission fee.Trunk Bay’s clear, warm waters and silky coral sands draw tourists in droves and its well-maintained facilities include chair and equipment rentals and showers.
Crane Beach, Barbados 4 Barbados is a distinctive island, both its natural beauty and fun-loving culture. Crane Beachis considered by many to be one of the island's most beautiful beaches. The name "Crane" was derived from the large crane situated at the top of the cliff which was used for loading and unloading ships. It is known for its great waves and the waters are filled with surfers and even some body surfers.