The modern and ancient Osaka

Being known as the tourist destination, Osaka is a beautiful city which is nurtured between the modern and the acient. Osaka is one of the largest and most important city in Japan. There are many attractive things to see and do in here. Below is the list of 10 places voted as top tourist attractions in Osaka:
  1. Universal Studios
Universal Studios Japan (USJ) was known to be the first theme park of the Universal Studios in Asia. With a lot of facilities and funny activities, this park attracts a lot of visitors and is the second most visited park in Japan. 1
  1. Osaka Aquarium
Osaka Aquarium, or Kaiyukan, is one of Japan's most incredible aquariums. It shows a wide range of live in the Pacific Rim. 2
  1. Minami
Minami Center is the most well-known entertainment center in Osaka which provides various dinning and shopping choices..3 4. Osaka Castle Osaka Castle originally is the former site of the Ishiyama Honganji Temple. At the time the castle was built, it was the largest one. Osaka castle has a long history and for that reason it attracts a great number of tourists to visit each tourism season. 4
  1. Sumiyoshi Taisha
Osaka's Sumiyoshi Taisha is said to be one of Japan's oldest shrines. Established in the 3rd century before Buddhism came to Japan, it shows a impressive architecture which draw many tourists’ interest. 5
  1. Museum of History
The Osaka Museum of History is said to offer a gorgous views of Osaka Castle from topfloor. Come to this museum, visitors not only can learn about the history of this beautiful city but also enjoy the beutiful sightseeing.. 6
  1. Abeno Harukas
Abeno Harukas in Osaka is known to be the tallest skyscraper in Japan. There are many convient facilities in this building which sastifiy visitor’s offer. 7
  1. Shitennoji Temple
Shitennoji is known to be one of oldest temples in Japan. The temple was set up in 593 and has been reconstructed many times. 8
  1. Shinsekai
    Shinsekai which means "new world," is a district which is said to have seen the history as well as the change of Osaka since the second world war. At the district, there are various things to do and learn about. And it can be said for sure that visitor would never get bored when come here.
9 10. Kita (Umeda)
The Kita district, or Umeda, is one of two main city centers in Osaka. Here offers many services and facilities which surely sastify people coming here. The luxury in this center could make many visitors who come here at the first time surpprised. 10 You will have interesting experiences when coming to these above places in Osaka. This would be the best choice for people who want to know more about Osaka’s architecture.