Some famous restaurants in the UK

Visiting the United Kingdom, visitors should not miss the chance to enjoy their traditional cuisine with the unique features. In London, dish selecting is extremely diverse but the common things are meat, fish, and fresh vegetables. You may find these foods at mostly restaurants in London.

Most of the foods plenty of nutritive matters such as fatty, protein substance, etc. Depending on each person’s appetite, visitors can choose different tastes like salty, bland, sour, sweet, spicy, etc. The culture diversity and being imbued with the national identity have attracted thousands of visitors all over the world.

Maiden Lane

Address: 35 Maiden Lane London WC2E 7LB

Price: $120-140

This restaurant is well-known for English traditional cuisine; and although it has an expensive price, the serving styles are extremely great. It is one of the oldest restaurants in London due to its beautiful decoration and furniture. If you want to find a restaurant imbued with the English identity to enjoy the Pudding York site, Maiden Lane will be certainly a good choice for you. Opening time is 11.30 am on weekdays, except for Sunday is 10.30 am. 1

West Street

Address: 13-15 West Street WC2H 9NE

Price: $140- 250

This is a restaurant for the rich; therefore, if you want to enjoy the restaurant’s dishes, you must book seats a week before. The restaurant has luxurious style with wonderful dishes cooked by skilful famous cookers. It is well-known for Pudding cake with the unique taste as well as special leek taste in other dishes.


Festival Square

Address: 5-6 Store Stress London WC1E 7DQ

Price: $90

Located on the ground floor of Royal Festival Hall, Festival Square serves modern European dishes and supplies relax coffee bar for customers. It provides ordered dishes from snack to the main course. Opening time is from 10 am to 11 pm.


Soho / Chinatown

Address: 27 Gerrard Street, Chinatown, London, W1D 5QJ

Price: $50

This is a special area due to high quality and appropriate price provided by China Street. This is a location of a large number of people from Tu Xuyen, Quang Dong, Japan, and Vietnam with Empire Chinese Quang Dong restaurants on Lisle Street, the Japanese restaurant on Brewer Street, Busaba Eathai Restaurant on Wardour Street, Vietnam Saigon on Frish Street. These restaurants’ dishes have the unique features of Asian people aimed to serve for visitors who have not yet familiar with European cuisines. They open up to 10 pm and spend a lot of time for visitors enjoying favorite dishes.