Nanjo City, the land of rising sun

Nanjo City has a long coastline along the Pacific side of Okinawa, and has many places with wonderful views over the ocean, such as Cape Chinen Park, and sandy beaches.

  1. Valley of Gangala

The Valley of Gangala probly is one of the most must-see sites in Okinawa.Coming to this valley you would have a surprisingly wonderful experience


  1. Cape Chinen Park

Cape Chinen Park is located in southern region of the main island of Okinawa. This park has gorgeous views of the coastline. Coming here, visitors would not only see the beautiful scenery but also relax themselves in a fresh atmosphere.


  1. Kudaka Island

This island which is well-known for folk traditions is said to be the first island created by Amamikiyo.


  1. Nirai Kanai Bridge

Nirai and Kanai bridge is actually two bridges linked with each other. This bridge looks over the breathtaking views of the Pacific ocean with Kudaka and Kimaka islands.


  1. Itokazu Castle Ruins

This castle was built in the mid 14th century and now in ruins. With Ryukyu limestone, the castle has a impressive structure which attracts a lot of tourists’ concern.


  1. Komaka Island                                                  

Komaka is a tiny island which is rumored to be paradise of ocean. There are many interesting things for tourists to explore and it doesn’t take them much time.


  1. Chinen Castle Ruins

The Chinen Castle ruins is known to be the castle of powerful castellan, Chinen. The castle ruins include two castles, the older one made from natural rock and the newer one made from ashlar masonary. For this special materials, tourists who have great concern of architecture often come here to study.


  1. Seifa Utaki

Seifa-Utaki which is located next to the tip of small Chinen Peninsula at the southern part of Okinawa is a former sarced place of Ryukyu Kingdom. Tourists often come here to know more about the history of Ryukyu Kingdom and enjoy the wild but acient atmosphere here.


  1. Azama Sunsun Beach

Azama Sunsun Beach which is located off highway 331 near the Chinen Marine Leisure Beach has wide range of facilities


  1. Mibaru Beach

Mibaru beach is an unique beaches in the Southern Okinawa. This is a perfect beach for many types of water excitement such as wind-surfing, paralising and so on.


You should not miss these above places when visiting Nanjo. Coming to these top attractive places, you would have great moments with sun, beach, white sandy and historical sites. This would be the best choice for your summer vacation.