Must-see attractions in Toyonaka City

With various funny activites and interesting places, Toyonaka has become the attractive destination of tourists Toyonaka is a city located in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. This is very very active city which is full of interesting things to do and see. Below is the list of 10 places voted as tourist attractions in Toyonaka:
  1. Hattori Ryokuchi Park
Hattori Ryokuchi is the most well-known park in Toyonaka. This park is well-known for the beautiful scenery such as bamboo forest, pine forest and ponds. There are also numerous cultural and sport facilities. 1
  1. Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses
Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm House exhibits the collection of Japanese farm houses from the past to now. Coming here, tourist will have opportunity to learn about the agricultural history and culture of Japan. 2
  1. Senri Selcy
This is a shoping center which is equipted with wide range of facilites. There are lots of big events occured here and it attracts not only local people but also thounsand of tourists. 3
  1. Museum of Osaka University
This museum’s function is not the usual functions that others often do. It is used as an integrated academic research institute. However, it still opens for tourists to visit. 4
  1. Hattori Tenjingu Shrine
This shrine is the most well-known and longest-established shrine in Toyonaka. It is known to be god of the foot. Every year, there are many festivals taken place in here. 5
  1. Music Museum at Osaka College of Music
This museum is originally Museum of Musical Instrument and Music Research Center of Osaka College of Music. There are variety of instruments and the exhibition of famous musicians’ biography and works here. Coming here, tourist would be sunk in the world of music. 6
  1. Senchu Pal
This is the most well-known restaurant in Toyonaka. This restaurant is said to have many delicious foods of which tourist would never forget the taste after tasting here. 7
  1. Crane Riding Center
This is only riding center in Toyonaka. Come to this center, tourist will have chance to challenge to hourses and have very adventurious moments. 8
  1. Skyland Harada
9 This is a kind of park from which you will see the airplane take off or land. Moreover, the scenery around is very beautiful and it brings tourist peaceful unforgetable moments.
  1. Haginotera 10 This is a temple with a long history for nearly a millenium. This temple is famous for its beautiful scenery which is full with colorful Hagi. Come here, tourist not only can see the gorgeous sights but also learn about the history of the temple.
Coming to these above attractive places, visitors would join a lot of funny activities and learn more about the city Toyonaka. These would really make their trip unforgetable.