Most romantic dating places in Japan

Tokyo might be a dream destination for international tourists because of not only its spectacularly modern but also other landscapes with splendid and romantic for couples. Here we list some of the spots that couples should not miss when travelling to the capital of Tokyo.

1. Tokyo skytree tower


Tokyo skytree tower is also called the new Tokyo tower is a must-visit once coming to the capital city. It is also the favorite places for couples. The tower includes 3 levels with the height of 340m, 345m and 350m.

The floor of the first level is made of transparency durable glass enabling visitors to watch the vehicles and people moving in line below. In the 350m floor, you can enjoy cafe or food and the whole city sights at the same time through the glass bound. Next to the tower stands Tokyo Skytree Town where visitors can buy some pretty souvenirs.

2. Roppongi hills


The skyscraper is another place favorable for dating. There are various interesting events for couples held here through the year. You can experience the supper elevator lifting users from 1st to 54th floor in only about 1 minute. Moreover, the building features tasty and famous food and beverage. On the pent floor, you can catch the city sight from above like when you are on the Tokyo Skytree.

3. Harumi Futo park


This is where you can watch the fountain, and ships from all over the world to come here for trade activities. Especially, in summer, this haven really attracts couple to come to enjoy the sea air.

4. Tokyo Midtown


The shopping center was inaugurated in 2007 and has become one of the most favorite shopping and dating spots of all Japanese. At Christmas, Tokyo Midtown become more fabulous with huge pine trees beautifully decorated. Moreover, there are a sparkling Galaxy made by thousands of Led lights spreading over 2000 square meters ground.

5. Kasai rinka water park


Founded in 1995, the park stands next to Tokyo bay. We can see lots of big tuna and pretty penguins. Besides, couples can try the Sun Wheel which is 117 meter high. This is the haven for lovers to have their own space.

6. Diver City Tokyo Plaza


The shopping center includes Round 1, an amusement hub with bowling, rollerblading, table tennis, karaoke, gaming counters, etc. Regarding shopping, there are many famous brands such as H&M, Forever 21 and many more. Notably, the plaza shelters Gundam statue, the robot symbolizing for Japanese manga and anime.