Luxury Dubai 5-star tour experience

Dubai, the fabulous Middle East country is the very destination for those expecting to have up-scale services and memorable experiences. Tours to Dubai often offer Limousine shuttles, buffet at world famous Al Dawaar Revolving restaurant, world’s tallest tower sightseeing, etc.

Sightseeing from 124th floor of Buji khalifa

Burj Khalifa boasts its world record for the tallest building worldwide. The sprawling tower has once appeared in the grossing movie Ghost Protocol following the Mission Impossible series. In fact, it can be seen that there has not been any mission that is impossible to the Middle East people. Burj Khalifa including 164 floors is one of the highlights in architects both inbound and outbound. Therefore, this is the must-see tourist spot for Dubai visitors. The tower features the world-beating height of 828m and attracts hundreds of tourists who want to try the super elevators whose speed reach 64km/h. After being brought to 124th floor, visitors can see the magnificent landscape from the glass balcony above. Let challenge your courage, looking down to watch tiny flows of vehicles and streets. If it is cloudy day, tourist can feel free to catch pictures of fluffy white clouds covering gorgeous skyscrapers nearby.


Taste ice coffee right on desert

It might hard to believe that you are going to put on winter clothes and shoes to keep warm in the middle of blazing desert. Because there is a special place called Chillout Ice Café where you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Everything in the coffee shop are made of ice, from the curtains, tables and chairs, beam lamps and other objects such as cups, knives, folks. The room temperature is around -60 degrees keeping ice from melting. The ice coffee experience helps visitors have more comfortable feeling when traveling to desert with severe weather.


Try Limousine shuttle

It might be your first time to have a trip by supercar Limousine. Sitting in a luxury automobile and watching the colorful vibrant streets. Then, you will be brought to Hyatt Regency, a 5-star hotel, where you are going to have a unique dinner at Al Dawaar Revolving. The restaurants is located in the top floor of the hotel and is the world’s only one can rotate 360 degrees itself allowing diners to admire the entire sights of the sparkling city at night. Al Dawaar Revolving specializes in offering upscale buffet including many regions’ cuisines such as the Middle East, Europe, Asia.


Immerse in fairy sights

In addition to the superb constructions such as Burj khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirad, Dubai is also renowned for its Old quarter called Bastakiya that is carefully conserved and maintained until these days. Dubai museum displays the history and the local’s lives. The gold market, spicy Souk (a spice market), world’s most lavish Sheikh Zayed Mosque are considered must-visit spots here.