Best useful guidance for Langkawi Tourists

Today, I would like to introduce to you one of the best famous destination in Bangkok – Langkawi and then give you some advices that make your trip more fully.

Overview about LangkawiIsland

Langkawi is an archipelago made up of 99 islands on Malaysia’s North West, Kedad state. It is also called Eagle Island because there are many eagles living in this island. You can book one-day tour to island and see eagles hunting and feeding.


Kuah Town center vàPantaiCenang beach is the two attractive destinations in Langkawi. Kuah Tower is situated near dock and PantaiCenang beach is near at the airport. Distance between them is 20 kilometer by pass road

The ideal time for tourism

Langkawi has two seasons. A true dry season from December until February while March to November is a long raining season, September is the wettest month. However, it is sudden rains which do not last. So, you can travel and explore at any time.


  How to travel to Langkawi Island The first choice is Traveling by plane to Langkawi. There are many airlines for you to travel Vietnam to Langkawi and then go on to Kuala Lumpur; however, Vietnam Airlines, Malaysia Airlines và Air Asia are much popular. In Kuala Lumpur, You can move to Langkawi by planewithin one hour. AirAsia often has promotional programs, so it easy for you to get cheap tickets to Langkawi Besides, you can go to LangkawiIslandby high speech train. You can move to Langkawifrom ,Kuala Perlis station, Kuala Kedah station without booking tickets in advance


Movement in Langkawi

It is convenient and economical for groups to travelby taxi around Langkawi. You just have to pay money for distance you went and divide it equally for the number of people. You can search Google Maps for estimation of cost Besides, you can easily hire motorbike by paying deposit about 15-30 RM and displaying your license. Noticeably, traffic in Malaysia is on the left You can stay in hotels and have meals in restaurants along PantaiCenangstreet

Accommodation in Langkawi Island

If anyone loves shopping, it is advised to stay in Kuah which is free-tax shopping area with big and small shops and supermarkets. Resorts in this area has a price of ranging from 500 $/ room accompanied by second services such as swimming pool, advanced massage and rooms for couples in honeymoon However, almost tourists will choose to stay in Cenang beach because it can satisfy every the most discerning guests with the length of 10 kilometer coastline. Apart from luxurious 4 – 5 star hotels, there are many sport activities such as windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving in this area and it is home for fashionable restaurants along street in parallel with beach and fashion shops and sport equipment.