A trip to Tomigusuku city, Japan

Tomigusuku- a lively city that is connected by its people, sky and green. You will have the best trip ever when coming to this lovely city. Tomigusuku City is located in the south of Okinawa. This city has a lot of beautiful places which attract tourists’ interest. Here is the list of 10 placesvoted as top tourist attractions in Tomigusuku:
  1. Old Military Headquarters
1 The old military headquarters inludes some meters of underground tunnels. Come to this place, visitors can not only learn about the history but also see the impressive structure of the headquarter.
  1. Tomigusuku Gusuku
2 This castle is said to be build in 1400 and now in ruin. From this old castle, visitors can see great view of Manko.
  1. Ashibina Outlet Mall
3 The Ashibina Outlet Mall is series of different stores which offer people visit here a lot of choice. Moreover, This is also a very beautiful place for people to take rest and have interesting moments.
  1. Toyosaki Kaihin Koen
4 The Toyosaki Haihin Koen is a perfect place for tourists to have a day rest. There are a lot of funny things that you can do such as barbeque, volleyball.
  1. Senaga Jima Island
This is very nice island for families to spend time together. Gorgeous view here really make your trip. Come and enjoy the white sandy beach and deep blue ocean. 5
  1. Okinawa Local Products Market YONAR’s
6 YONAR’s manufactures and sells products using flat lemon made in Ogimi Village of Okinawa.
  1. Toyosaki Roadside Station
Toyosaki roadside station is the western roadside station in Japan. Come here you can have chance to experience like a Tomigusuku citizen
  1. Chukogura 8 This place displays all things about the famous awamori. Come here visitors not only see the collection of awamori but also have chance to taste all types of awamori.
  2. Manko Waterbird and Wetland Center
Come to Manko, tourist can have opportunity to discover the various ecosystems with many tree species, bird species, fish. All of them make a nice environment which everyone dreams about.
  1. Toyosaki Lifestyle Center TOMITON
Toyosaki Lifestyle Center TOMITON, a large shopping mall with wide range of shops, food and drink which fill all people’s need. 10 Coming to these top places, you will have a great trip and enjoy the natural, historical and modern beauty of this lovely city. Hope that this will be one of your destinations in holiday plan.