Ikeda city is located in the north of Osaka Prefecture. There are many natural beautiful places as well as man-made architects. Below is the list of 10 places voted as top tourist attractions in Ikeda

1.The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum 1 This museum shows the history of the instant noodles and “Space Ram”, which is full of every kind of instant noodles of the world. Visitors can freely draw the cup up to their favourite, choose the suop flavor which they prefer.

2. Daihatsu Motor Plant 2 Daihatsu is a internationally successful small car models’ producer. Ikeda plants established in 1939 is one of Daihatsu branches which produce light vehicles, small vehicles and many motor components for vehicles.

3. Mount Satsuki 3 Mt Satsuki located at the back of Ikeda. There are many walking courses which makes this city become a tourist attraction of Osaka. From here, you can see the whole view of Osaka Prand Seto Inland Sea.

4. Hosokawa 4 There are many plant nurseries located along Inagawa. There are also many bonsai grown here to be sold in the eventual commercial sale.

5. Ikeda Castle Remains Park (Shiroato Koen) 5 This is place where the former Ikeda Castle located and then was recreated into a Japanese garden. Near Ikeda’s Mt Satsuki, this place has a wonderful view of the nearby Osaka and Hyogo Prefecture.

6. History Museum 6 Ikeda's history Museum shows many objects which relates to the history of the city and its people. Included are books scrolls and some old documents from the past.

7. Kyuanji 7 Kyuanji, located between two steep hills behind Ikeda, is a temple first set up by Gyoki priests coming from Nara in 725.

8. Itsuo Bijutsukan 8 This museum is said to be the place of art and antiquities which holds Chinese and Japanese cultural antiquities. The museum specializes in tea ceremony dishes, ceramic vase, bowl and Japanese scroll paintings.

9. Shyakain 9a This temple was created in 724. Although it has been rebuilt many times, the temple still keeps its original structure. People often come here on New Year’s Eve and January the 1st to pray for a lucky year.

10. Fushio Onsen 10 This onsen spa located in the suburbs of Ikeda near Kyuwanji is a special hot spring where you are able to enjoy sitting outside in the bath while viewing Japanese glorious seasons, under the sun or stars.